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    Wuxi Tech Co.,LTD., founded in 2009, at present, the company factory building area of 2500 square meters, owns more than 100 employees, including 30 professional engineering and technical personnel and engineers, including mechanical design and electrical research and development personnel; Has focused on precision machining, spare parts, injection molding, stamping die parts and mold design field, over the years, thanks to its complete and scientific quality management system, adhering to the integrity, focus, quality first principle, pioneered the industry high reputation and good brand image.
    Relying on strong research and development and manufacturing capabilities, rely on the rich experience in machinery manufacturing, now to the field of industrial automation, focused on equipment research and development, the standard parts purchasing, mechanical design and processing, parts assembly, programming, debugging and after-sales service and so on the development strategy of the integration, has developed the solar cell production workshop, with the main equipment of form a complete set of automated material handling and transmission system; Include:
    (1) system of wool cleaning equipment cell automatic up-down material machine I4000/5000 series feeder and OX4000/5000 series cutting machine: fully compatible with most of the host machine at home and abroad, good capacity matching, superior performance; Applicable to the shark, SCHMID, KUTTLER and jie now domestic brand of wet law wool/cleaning equipment; Such equipment, mature technology to start the rate is high, very high cost performance;
    (2) diffusion quartz boat loading D6000 series: can according to customer's specific requirements, custom equipment, do the humanized equipment, stable and reliable performance, high capacity, compact and beautiful appearance, and the characteristics of reasonable design; Similar competitive products in the industry, in a lot of price and performance advantages, favored by the numerous customers' trust in the industry.
    (3) of PECVD graphite boat PE3800 series automatic loading machine, technique core component is the staubli TX90L world leading technology intelligent six axes linkage robot, automatic basket basket system automatically, automatic collection stack after coating of silicon, according to the different performance and capacity requirements of users, there are three of the runway and two styles; Cart in and out of the boat and artificial and points in two ways; At present this model specific mature technology, superior performance, stable and reliable, high capacity, etc.
    (4) the company a few main equipment of form a complete set of jigs and fixtures and equipment, such as silicon carrying basket, quartz boat, graphite boat, in order to adapt to the development trend of the industry automation, we can design the tooling clip with scientific and reasonable design, high precision, high material selection standard, perfect match the requirement of the automatic equipment of high standard, high precision; Very well to ensure the stability of equipment operation and performance indicators, bring customer good experience.