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    Pour machine, lamination machine

    Pour machine, lamination machine

    Pour the machine

    Shard machine
    一、Pour machine
    Is two kinds of the silicon wafer in the tooling, mutual switch device, high efficiency and capacity of about 20000 pieces per hour or so, in order to meet customers on the two fixtures to achieve rapid and stable conversion, good to meet the need of actual production.

    二、Shard machine
    Is stacked wafers using vacuum suction cup, after adsorption, respectively, to the synchronization of the runway, and then sent to the tooling, such as a basket has realized the rapid, bulk silicon conversion to tooling basket of a device, to meet customer's need for wafers shipped a different way, to meet the needs of production.

    三、Other, and form a complete set of automation equipment products
    Quartz boat, graphite boat, flower basket 50 pieces / 62/75 pills
    Outsourcing units: quartz boat production manufacturers Ensure accuracy and meet the performance requirements for equipment
    Contact processing unit, and improve the precision and improve the design

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